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How an effective Writing can Yield

Oxford University organized a workshop on 1st, April, 2019


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Oxford university organized a 2 hour workshop on effective writing. As the workshop was free of cost there were number of people to attend the workshop. The main aim for this workshop was to spread awareness among people that what is the importance of writing and how can they write effectively? What are the necessary tips to follow while writing? How one came choose writing as a carrier in future? What are the monitory as well as intellectual benefits of writing? How to write an english essay? Some attendees from the crowd knew how to write an article, blog or a book. They were called on stage to share their experience that how they started and what were the issues they faced while writing.



Writers told the crowd that there are 4 types of writings. Expository, Persuasive, Narrative and Descriptive. Expository is the writing in which writers aim is to inform the reader about the subject. In persuasive writing, author states his own opinion and tries to influence the reader through his own ideas. Narrative writer writes a story and descriptive one uses all 5 senses in its writing to portray the exact situation.


Experienced authors were invited on stage to motivate the people to write positive. One of the writer explained that in early days of the writing I was used to think that how to write a descriptive essay but writing is a habit which develops after reading. Only that person can write who would be having more stories or knowledge to tell others. An-other guest told the crowd about different types of writer. He told them that there are ten types of Content Writers. Some of the types are given below:


  1. Brand Journalist
  2. SEO copy writer
  3. Digital writer
  4. Lead generation writer
  5. Subject matter expert
  6. Influencer
  7. Social Media writer
  8. Adverting copywriters
  9. Technical writers
  10. Grant writers.

It is being informed in the workshop that now a writer can work as a freelancer. A SEO content writer can earn good amount of money via blogging and SEO. Blogging experienced fast growth in 2001 when dot com crises was faced by American Economy but pre dot com crises era had already made a concrete base for blogging. Now a good writer can earn more than 50k dollars in a year. Thanks to Internet and Google who helped blogging community to grow. An effective writer can be hired as a permanent employee by the companies so this is a must skill you should possess. Writer further suggested different applications especially in IOS by Apple which can help students to start writing. “Scrivener, Ulysses and iA Writer” are some major applications which are always helpful for the writers. Scrivener remained the first choice for novelist. “iA Writer” helps writer to focus on only two previous sentences and make other text blur. Guru’s further suggested that how one should design its article or essay on initial stages. Following are the some tips to design your essay.


  1. Make an Outline
  2. Create buffer statement
  3. Double check Grammar and Punctuation
  4. Use concise and easy wording
  5. Never share fake news or information
  6. Use the medium which is highly effective
  7. Logical argumentation
  8. Conclusion


Professional’s main aim was to educate students. Students later on asked their queries regarding problems in essay writing they face on daily basis when they are given assignments from their educational institutes. The workshop ended on positive note of Louis L’Amour “Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

How to manage academic stress?

How many times do you feel stressed and struggling between student life and other responsibilities? You will definitely say, a lot! Do you think you are alone in this club? Absolutely not! Every student reading this wants to fight with the monster of academic stress. Academic stress is very common, and almost every student suffers from it in the years at school and college. You will see every other student complaining about the pressure of deadlines and grades and want to know ways to avoid it. This is why you are here, right? Let’s understand why academic stress is common and how to tackle it like a pro!




Why is academic stress very common?

Student life is not as easy as ABC. Every student these days juggle between deadline drive assignments and part-time jobs with their tough university schedule. They are also pressured with the thoughts and fear of the future. What is it if it is not academic stress? On one side, it is their parents asking them to boost GPA and on the other side teachers criticize for not being stellar in tests and assignments. The combination of all these makes student life a pressure cooker, and when they burst, the outcome is not good. It has become very common, and students around the globe are looking for solutions. It has given rise to new industries who help students dealing with stress and pressure. In this case, only cheap essay writing service is one of the nice solutions for increasing academic pressure. Well, there are also many other ways to deal with it.


Kill stress before it kills you!

Do you know what the outcome of academic stress is? Have you heard the news of students committing suicide? Yes, this is what is happening around. Fear of failure and poor grades are the most causes of anxiety, and it disturbs the health of students. During the time of high academic demand, the stress level goes up. This stress kill's student health, life, and he remain unable to show good performance in every walk of life. Keep that in mind you have to kill it before it kills you. The good news is, it is not as difficult as it seems. Here are some tips and tricks that have helped a lot of students and trust me to start implementing them, your life be in happy mode.  


Stop Procrastinating

This is the first thing you have to keep in mind. From now onwards, stop putting off tasks until nick of time. The most common cause of academic stress is delaying tasks. Students putt off assignments and tasks with longer deadlines and freak out in the end. Remember! You can put off tasks but to stressing about them.



Ask for Professional Assistance

Have you seen students taking help from professional essay writers for your academic essay? Trust me they are your befriends. It is okay if you have some responsibilities and you cannot manage all the stuff on your own. Essay writers for hire are the professionals who can help you with essays, term papers, research papers and what not. They provide the best papers at highly affordable rates. So, if you fail to manage your student life, they will share your burden.



Do regular exercise.

No excuses here! Because you do not know, how helpful is an exercise for the peace of your mind and body. This is something you are missing out. Move around, run, and walk, do whatever is easy and convenient for you. Take 30 minutes of your daily routine will reduce your stress drastically. Take my advice; you are just a step away from hundreds of benefits.


A varied and healthy diet

Don’t underestimate the power of food. Don’t you know? You are what you eat. The junk food students consume every day killing them from inside. It also contributes to stress. Remember! Always eat fresh fruits and vegetable to boost your strength. You have to deal with academic pressure, right? So it is time to start including foods with vitamins and calcium in your diet. Orange and grapefruit reduce stress and boost your immune system. Readymade meals should be your last priority!



Surround yourself with supportive people

Schools and colleges feel like a crowd of pessimists. The conversation is all about complaints of assignments, exams, and teachers. Do you know what pessimists do? They move you far away from peace and relief. Be aware of these. Surround yourself with people who could encourage you, push you towards positive things and help you with studies. These people are a cool breeze in your stressful academic life. Trust me your life will be much easier!



Smart work is better than hard work!

How often do you hear this, smart work is better than hard work? Yes, it is the need of the hour. It will save a lot of your time and energy. It also helps you to be more organized. Believe me or not, hard work is not the only way to success. Smart work and intelligence will help you achieve your goals faster and in a better way. And guess what? You will be less stressed.




This is where most of the students make a mistake. Know what you need to do first. What is urgent and what is important. What are the things you can delay and what you can’t drop. Stay focused on the things you can't miss out. This will make a difference in your life.



Worry less, Smile more!

A smile is the best remedy in this stressful life. Eat better, sleep better and smile more. Your worries will shun away. It is very important to reduce stress and make life essay. You will find more hope. Sleep also increases productivity, so take regular naps.



Last but not the least; you need to become a bookworm for success. You need to organize yourself, and your stress will run away. It is difficult, but it is not impossible. Have timetable, take professional help when needed and eat, sleep and laugh. Life is not too bad!

10 Steps to Overcome Procrastination. This is What Professionals Do!!

When was the last time when you were supposed to work on some important stuff, but you ended up watching TV? Or when you were supposed to write your essay, but you were so lazy that you ended up searching write my essay online, to get rid of the task. Procrastination can have detrimental effects on your life; it can be harmful to your grades and even for your social life.


Are you one of the lazy lads who always prefer to stay in bed then getting jobs done?

Do you always prefer essay writers for hire instead of doing it yourself? Because of your lazy and procrastinating nature. If you can relate to the above situation, then this article can help you to deal with the problem of procrastination like a pro. Below are some of the easy and effective ways that help me to deal with my procrastination, I hope that you will also find them helpful.




  • Deal with your Fear


Fear is one of the major things that leads to procrastination. It can be of any nature like fear of failure, fear of attempt or even fear of success.You are afraid of success because deep inside your heart you believe that you don't deserve it. So it is important that you control such feelings because your self-handicapping is keeping you away from success.

The best is to deal with your fear, address it. Only then you can deal with the habit of procrastination.


  • Make a List of Things That Needs to Be Done


Another way is to make a list of all the pending things that needs to be done. Once you are done making a list, just put a date next to each item. This will serve as a deadline for each item to be done. Try to estimate the time that each task will take and then double that number. This way you will not be trapped by underestimating the required time for each task.




  • Break Tasks into Manageable and Easy Segments.


It is human nature that when we are given a big assignment or project, we become intimidated and hopeless by looking at the amount of work.To overcome that, look at each item in your list and break each one into small steps. Once you identify the small steps, you will be able to take baby steps towards those short term goals. When you start getting them done not only, you will feel good about yourself, but your morale and self-esteem will also be high.



  • Done be a Multitasker


Once you break the big project or assignment into small pieces, then work on each step or piece from start to end without any interruption. When we are close to finishing a task, it is possible that we can resist any interruption. Multitasking is a myth. We can't do two things at a time; we can only do one thing at a time. Multitasking is mentally exhausting, and it also reduces the productivity of the brain.  



  • Try to Develop a Routine and Follow it


There are times when it is easy to manage workloads. To overcome procrastination and missed timelines, one must design a routine and then stick to that routine. Time management is an excellent way to execute and meet timelines. Delegation is also important in this regard. Try to figure out when to follow up and delegate.



  • Identify the Procrastination Onset


When you work to get your task done then try to identify the time when procrastination starts to affect you. If you are thinking something like “I will do this later” or “I don’t feel the need to this” then you must realize that you are procrastinating. So instead of giving up, you must force yourself to spend a few more minutes on the task. You will also notice that once you start, it will be easy for you to get it done.



  • Eliminate the Distractions


You may have noticed that it is quite difficult to get your work done while watching TV or checking Instagram for updates.To overcome procrastination, it is important to eliminate all the distractions that you have. Just assign yourself a fixed time duration in which you move away from all the distractions like music, TV or any social media platform. In that assigned time focus on the task and its completion.



  • Embrace Your Imperfections


We procrastinate when we try to run away from making tough decisions and also deal with difficult decisions. For example, while writing a perfect research paper, it is not important to come up with the perfect statement in the first attempt. Just write a tentative one to get started. You can modify that later. As the saying goes, something is “better than nothing” So once you start working, ideas will automatically come in your mind.



  • Get Rest If Needed


Once you start working it is not necessary that you keep working without a break. When you feel that you are tired and can’t work more than it is completely ok to take rest. Don’t try to be hard on yourself about meeting the deadline that you set for the task. Figure out how much work is left. Reschedule and come back and complete it later in the day.



  • Reward Yourself


Once your work is done, it is important to reward yourself. Just try to indulge yourself in any activity that you love doing. This can be going out with friends, shopping or watching a movie. Figure out the activity and enjoy doing it.



Was it Helpful?

Now that you are done reading the article don't forget to give us your comments about it. What are your strategies to deal with procrastination? How often do you procrastinate?Write down your feedback in the comment section below

6 Smart ways to survive bullying in high school

Bullying is the hottest social evil that has been under debate for years. Even today, our system has failed bitterly in closing its chapter.

It is not limited to a specific platform either you are a student, employee, or part of any group, it can find its way to you.


Most of the people face this issue while they are in high school. When bullies see someone physically, emotionally, or socially weak, they tease that person with all what they have got.

Their main aim is to dominate on those who are weak, make them feel bad about their selves, take advantage of them, and mock to feel satisfaction.

Remember! No one gets satisfaction this way.

Are you that student too who has been bullied in high school for no reason at all? Are bullies making your life hell and you are having the hardest time of your life?


Don’t you want all of this to go away once in and for all?
You will be thinking you cannot fight them back and it is impossible for you to handle them.

Well . . . . . . You don’t need to fight them at all!

There are many smart strategies and ways which can help you handle your bullies. Want to know what are they?

Just read the whole article below and learn.  

Why do you need to survive your bullies?

Do you hopelessly accept the fact that bullies were written in your life, or your life is just the way it is, and that is how things are going to be?

No! Stop thinking like that . . . . .
You don't deserve a life like this; you deserve all the best that is in this world. It is your right to live with freedom and do whatever you want to do without being under someone's "rule" and fear.

Why does one become a bully?

First thing is first. Your very first strategy should be knowing your opponent. Do you know how does one become a bully? No? The reason behind is very sad . . . .

According to psychological research, those who become bullies in their life usually have a rough and abusive past.

When someone sees a lot of aggression in his/her surroundings or experience different painful things as a child, such things stick to that individual's mind and leave horrible impacts on his/her behavior.  

When that individual grows up, he/she releases his/her frustration out on those who are weak and helpless and find it good, cool, funny and satisfactory.

This is sad, isn’t it?

Furthermore, if you are having a difficult time in your academic life, you can get write my essay for cheap service anytime, your problems regarding writing anything will be resolved in a single twitch.

Instead of physically or verbally fighting them, or letting them what they do, you need to follow mentioned below smart ways to handle them.


  • Find friends wherever you go.


Make as many friends as you can. Bullies know that your friends will back you up in every hard situation and they will fail to accomplish what they seek.
Try to use the buddy system in your school. Stay in a group of friends every day. Why? Bullies avoid those who have a whole group of friends because more people are a threat to them.
Remember! Strength and unity help a lot in high school.  


  • Get the support of adults.


If you think your bullies are crossing the line and things are out of your hands. You can talk about it with your parents, teachers, principal, or any trustworthy adult.

They will make sure to find a way to stop your bullies. Bullies will know that they have been exposed and their actions will cost them penalty; they will avoid coming around you this way.



  • Talk to a professional


If you feel your mental health is suffering from the actions of bullies, you can talk to a counselor and take professional help. This will reduce your stress and depression level.

If you feel like you are stressed enough to do academic tasks like essays, you can choose professional essay writers for hire, and all your troubles will be gone.


  • Socialize


According to researches, bullies target those more who have a limited social circle or who prefer being alone. They consider that person socially weak, thinking that he/she has no support at all.
Make sure you socialize wherever you go and as much as you can. You will see bullies will avoid coming near you.


  • Do not feel bad for anything


You know that bullies have a very rough past, and all they have learnt in their life is making other people's life hell. They cannot help it; it is not all their fault.

Their personality and their acts mirror what they have been through in life.

So don't feel bad about their mean actions when you know you are better and at a high level than they are.


  • Be confident


Remember! Being confident about your style, your body, and yourself is the best strength that you can have.

Make sure you invoke this strength while you walk by these bullies and give them the response of their bullying as if they don't even exist and their actions are not as fun as they think they are.
When bullies do not get what they were looking for, they leave you alone.


You can easily handle your bullies and give them no chance of bothering you by dealing them with mentioned above tips. Follow them and make your life heaven on earth.

Have I missed anything? Do you think there are more smart ways of handling bullies? Feel free to mention them in the comment section below and let everyone know.


How to master the art of Writing Persuasive Essay?

Presenting your ideas is an art and convincing others to accept these ideas logically is a science. Essay writing is a skill to present your ideas logically to grab the attention of readers and to maintain their interest throughout the writing.




Is writing an essay to persuade your audience, a big challenge for you?

Don’t put your heart in your mouth! Some ingenious ideas are here to prepare you for mastering the skill of essay writing.



Choose an interesting topic:

Honestly, whenever I need help to write my essay then I do this task myself. First of all, I choose the most interesting topic because selecting an eye catching topic for essays is essential because the entire writing is based on the topic selected. Select the topic that is dear to the heart of the audience. Be cautious in selecting topic  that can be easily boiled down to yes or no statement as, it won’t allow you to discuss the topic in detail.



Take the side you are on:

Don’t forget to select your perspective to persuade the audience of its logical adequacy and legitimacy as compared to others’ perspectives. For instance, the topic chosen for the essay is "Does the excessive use of social media applications cause social isolation?" here you have to decide your side which argument you are going to support which can convince your reader by providing enough evidence.



Choose an argument to appeal to the emotions of your audiences:

Aren’t you aware of the power of emotional appeal? I am sure you are so, follow a rational argument with an emotionally engaging story to persuade the audience in your argumentative essay.


Select strong arguments to support the selected idea:

As the sweets are of no taste without sugar, the persuasive essay is of no worth without arguments and evidence. Support your idea by presenting convincing and strong arguments to showcase the strength of your selected theme.



Support the argument through strong evidence:

Is it easy to persuade others without providing evidence? It’s really no. Provide a solid evidence to support your argument. Start every paragraph with providing facts and bob’s your uncle, your reader will be convinced.



Structure the Essay:

You will agree that structure and architecture contributes to grab the attention of the observer. The structure of a persuasive essay contributes a lot to the quality of writing. Start your essay with an appealing statement to catch the attention of the reader, followed by the introduction. Furthermore, body paragraphs of the essay must include strong persuading arguments to convince the reader and then move towards the conclusion.



Dogging for help to write an Excellent Persuasive Essay:

Persuading others is a nail biting task. It often requires technical expertise. Not all of us have that convincing power; it's a game of technicalities and expertise to influence the thoughts of others and to make them agree to your ideas. If you feel you do not have that convincing power, stay as cool as cucumber! The assistance from experienced professional essay writers will help you to rock your academic world by getting good grades.

Few things every student needs to know before getting an online help with Essay Writing


Advancement in technology has made human life much easier. At the same time, it has provided many ways to get your task done within few hours. Similarly, students are also enjoying the privileges by getting help with their studies through online services. Trust me!  Everyone has gone through the tough days of High School and College. The extra workload of assignments, Take home papers, Research Essays and online Quizzes never let you enjoy the liveliest stage of your life.


All your youth energy is consumed to survive the school or college. At that state of confusion, you hear about the online academic services. What would be more interesting than getting your assignment done? There are thousands of life-saving websites out there, which are actively providing services to students like essay writing, online tutoring, and assisting with the homework.  If you did not know, thank me for letting you know. Wait for a second! Do not rush into those websites, there is an important thing to share.



Look for Fraudulent Websites


All those websites are not helpful all the time. There are so many fraudulent websites out there who claim to offer high-quality academic work. However, it takes time to realize that they are just stealing money from the students. It is a very painful experience during the penniless days of student life. Yes! This is the experience which compelled me to raise the voice and save my student buddies from those fake websites. There are few things to keep in mind while looking for cheap essay writing. The very first thing is that while searching for an expert to get help with the essay writing, all the students are urged to go through the Review Section of that website. Hiring an expert in stressful situations is quite helpful. However, it takes time to find a trustworthy person in order to (just write to instead of in order to) complete your task and meet the strict deadline.  On the review corner, you will see the comments given by the clients. All these will let you know about the service providers.



Budget-friendly Sites

Till now, your problem is half solved. Therefore, you need to know more about those essay writing websites. I am picking the most pinching word for the students here, i.e. financial matters. No one here can deny the fact that most of the challenges and pressures in the student life are related to money.  When it comes to the matter of money, students always prefer budget-friendly options. Yes! You have arrived at the right place. You will learn that there are websites which provide quality services for low costs. You are confused, right? No worries, you can test all those sites. Before taking any decision, contact the service providers they will show you the samples. They will cooperate with you because they cannot take the risk of losing potential customers. Just buy essay and save your grades. Subsequently, good grades will give a good impression of you.



Avail the Services of the Experts

A right expert is your extreme necessity at the struggling phase when you are writing an essay, and it requires to be done on time. It pressurizes a person, and he or she cannot adequately focus on the quality when there are only a few hours to submit the task.  So let’s utilize the technology to get the help of an online essay writer. High qualified and expert professionals are concerned about their reputation, so they never compromise with the quality. Knowing the position of a student, they also offer a flexible pricing system for the services they deliver. The price of an essay depends on the deadline, the number of pages, academic level, and other additional services. There are varieties of choices for a student to avail the services.



Learn the Expert’s skills

Moreover, using essay writing services would be a very convenient option for students. An individual will be satisfied that for an affordable price, he or she is getting effective writing assistance. At the same time, he or she is winning the heart of his or her teacher. If you have a great interest in writing, but you not know how to write a well-structured and well-informed essay.  Just ask them to write my essay online.  As a result, you will know the crux of a quality essay writing written by those specialists.  It would further assist you to improve your research skills along with the creative writing. It is about spending a few dollars, and students are getting served by the professionals. Additionally, those experienced writers are working according to the specifications and requirements told by the clients. At the same time, they know the value of their customers, so they never disappoint anyone. Being specialists in essay writing, they know how to deal with the hard topics. So, keep calm, get your work done and save the extra money!

How to choose professional essay writers for essay writing help?


Is life busy? Stuck between job and studies? Want some essays from professional essay writers? Yes? You are at the right place. Here you will read some basic tips about how to utilize your time and money to find the best online service that will blow away all your academic worries!



Are you looking for the best professional essay writers?  Then you should know a few basic things about the service. You should know where that company stands through other people’s experiences with it their overall work quality, and the reviews about the service given by students.


Tips to hire an excellent essay writing service



Are you aware of credibility and reliability of the service? No? Then you have to collect information about their writers or professionals. The credibility of the company depends on the quality of project that their professionals are producing.


The credibility of the platform is important, not only for the company but also the students, therefore you should know the qualification, experiences, and quality of work their professionals are providing all this information you can get from the website. Read the section "about us," "terms and condition," and "reviews." Take some time and gather all the information of different companies, so at the end, you will know the right place where to buy essays from.


Is hiring essay writing service safe?



Depends upon who you ask! There are a number of services that are available to help and guide you through your academic problems. It’s simple, you just need to plan out your budget, then find a reasonably priced service. They have different discounts packages and membership discounts. Select the package that is most reasonable for you and then place your order.



You need to beware of looters in the market. Some companies are in the market to trap you. Their main aim is to get your hard earned money and provide you with cheap work. So don't go for a cheap rate because sometimes a cheaper price also means a cheap or low-quality essay. Remember! Quality should be your priority.


Here comes your last task! When you get your essay from any reliable cheap essay writing service, read it thoroughly. Make sure all the initial requirements are fulfilled. If not, send it for revision. Here you should be aware of what you need in revision; editing or proofreading. Most of the time students misunderstand the difference between proofreading and editing.


Understand the difference between editing and proofreading!

Proofreading means to have some grammatical and punctuation issues corrected. If you want to add or subtract some points from the final project, you’ll need editing. Ask your essay writer to omit irrelevant points that you don't want in your essay and edit it with some useful information that makes your essay more perfect.


On the whole don't hurry or panic, take your time, check the reliability of the online service. Watch the website thoroughly. Make sure the company is providing you quality work. Notice the credibility of professionals and satisfaction of their clients’. Place your order carefully. Provide all the necessary information that you want in your academic essay. And remember, don't go for the cheaper service. Focus more on the quality because that’s what is going to impress your professor.